Managed Services

SAT provide Real time Monitoring and Rapid Response Maintenance Services to a number of clients including Emergency Services, Federal, State and Local Government entities, the Transportation sector and to Private companies.

The networks we manage include maximum reliability critical systems which support fleets of Ambulances and Fire and Rescue Services with immediate response Service Level Agreements (SLA's), The networks include routers, fibre links, microwave Links, power UPS systems, standby generators, intelligent alternative routing infrastructure, Disaster Recovery (DR) centres, CCTV cameras and surveillance, servers, secure access doors, Wifi points, anti theft devices and IOT devices.

Services are managed through our centralised Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a virtualized cloud based mirror image of our NOC, with 24hr/7day/365 day staff to respond to the client defined alarms and status.

Generally we standardize the SLA's to three Tiers Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each tier equates to the levels of service required, from:

  • Gold. Immediate sub 15 minute response times, 2 hours on site.
  • Silver. Same day response.
  • Bronze. Next business day response or on site.

Please contact our Monitoring-Managed Services-Maintenance support staff here